Have you complained about your solicitor and got nowhere?

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If you want to post a complaint, please read these Guidlines first.

To those of you who want to use the official channels of complaint dealing with solicitors conduct being the Legal Ombudsman or the Solicitors Regulation Authority then as a first port of call we advise you to do so.

This site principally caters for the disenfranchised legal consumer; in other words, those members of the public who are convinced the official route has not served or will not serve their needs or the justice of their grievance. There are times when the establishment's complaints handler gets it wrong - for whatever reason: occasionally there are cover-ups with the retort ‘insufficient evidence’ being used to protect the wrongdoer.

Be advised that Des Hudson, former Chief Executive of the Law Society, thinks that you the public are unfit to post complaints on a site of this nature: just in case you don’t know what you are talking about or bear grudges or are liars or cranks. But as was so eloquently put by one Law Society Gazette blogger responding to the End of the line for Solicitors From Hell article of 16 November 2011:

“And if there are any cranks out there they were probably quite normal before whatever experience they suffered at the hands of the legal profession and their attempts to complain through the normal channels fell on deaf ears”.

And there is nothing wrong with bearing a grudge if it is justified.

The legal establishment would do well to remember that it only takes a single dishonest/deceitful/duplicitous act from a solicitor in an otherwise unblemished career to make that solicitor deserving of reprimand. There are many examples of the odd rotten egg in very reputable firms. For sure such firms will, on the whole, give proper and considered advice. But that does not mean that public exposure should not be given to one-off acts of serious transgression.



Solicitor fraud, misconduct, incompetence, negligence, dishonesty, overcharging, corruption, embezzlement, lying/perjury and racism.


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Where evidence of lawyers conduct is overwhelming, the Legal Ombudsman has no choice but to take action against the firms in question.


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